Insurance is important because it protects a person or entity from extreme financial loss or responsibility due to an unfortunate emergency, accident, or negative unforeseen event. There are many different kinds of insurance, some of which cover a person and some of which cover businesses and other entities.

Grants Peace of Mind

Works as a Safety Net

Is Beneficial for Individuals and Businesses

Accident Fixed-Benefit Coverage pays cash right to you, helping you catch up financially from days off work and pay expenses other plans don’t pay, like auto and medical deductibles. You get a set cash benefit for each covered injury and service – multiple benefits that really add up and pay:


  • Immediate – No Waiting Period
  • Over and above any benefits you receive from any other plan
  • Your choice of doctor or hospital
  • During Recovery – including expenses for follow-up treatment and physical    therapy
  • No Overall Annual or Lifetime Limits – no matter how many accidents you have
  • Easy to Obtain
  • Easy to Choose
  • Easy to Understand

Short Term Medical insurance gives you a plan to face those unpredictable moments in life with confidence. It provides the financial protection you need from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses, including:



– Doctor Visits

– Some Preventive Care

– Emergency Room and Ambulance Coverage

– Urgent Care Benefits, and more


Short Term Medical insurance includes flexible plan designs and options to help you and the plan that fits your needs, budget, and in this case, your time frame. We recommend this plan for:


  • Bridging the Open Enrollment Gap
  • Recent Graduates
  • Part-time or Temporary Employees
  • Individuals Without Adequate Health Insurance
  • Individuals Between Jobs or  Individuals who have been Laid-off
  • New Hires waiting for Employer Benefits to Start

Disability Insurance is the industry name for a plan that provides for periodic payments of benefits when a disabled insured is unable to work. The insurance product is designed to replace anywhere from 45 to 65% of your gross income on a tax-free basis should illness keep you from earning an income in your occupation. Every disability policy is different and should be assessed by the consumer based on the quality of plan created for the individual’s needs and not by the cheapest disability insurance policy on the market.

Is a waiting period before income begins?
Does the policy cover short and long term disabilities?
Does the policy cover disabilities resulting from accidents or illnesses?

Many consumers do not plan for the possibility that they will be faced with a debilitating accident or illness during their working years. A professional with a family, for example, should consider disability insurance a necessity. For a consumer, it is not a required purchase like home owner’s insurance. Individuals believe they may have disability coverage through their employer. This at times may be true, but the quality of coverage often leaves the disabled employee short of the protection he/she thought they had. A qualified insurance agent can assist the consumer with exploring the sources of income the consumer will need and have available during a disability.

Reduce the financial impact of a critical illness for both you and the people you love. When you choose Critical Illness – Term Life coverage, you reduce the potential financial impact of critical illness on your family and your future. This plan pays cash right to you. And you can use the cash any way you need, helping you replace lost income and pay expenses other plans don’t pay.


  • Upon a qualifying illness, you receive a Critical Illness Benefit
  • Upon your death, your family receives a Term Life Benefit



After a partial (25%) benefit is paid, 75% of the critical illness benefit remains. This means it’s possible to receive multiple payouts.

Improve your coverage with flexible solutions, get three types of coverage in one. Accident Medical Expense, and Sickness Hospitalization. The benefit amount you select is the same for each type of coverage. By paying cash benefits right to you, Plan Enhancer helps to protect you from the financial burden of paying out-of-pocket costs associated with accidents, and hospital stays due to sickness.


  • No Deductible
  • Pays Full Benefit regardless of other coverage
  • No Network Restrictions
  • Lump-sum Benefit paid on First Covered Day of Hospital Admission
  • One Benefit per Year, per Person and Two Benefits per Year, per Family
  • 30-Day Waiting Period Applies
  • Pre-existing Conditions Limitation Applies
  • Applicants must answer medical questions to qualify
  • Applicants must be 59 years of age or younger.