If you don’t have access to a bank and a debit card, we can provide you with a low-cost prepaid debit card so that you can pay your bills online, use an ATM or complete transactions in-store as long as you reload the card.


  • Convenient & Secure
  • Load Your Wages Free
  • No Late Fees
  • No Credit Check
  • No Interest Charges

This benefit is subject to a separate application.



Call us toll-free at 844-782-8111 and we will have an agent take your application securely over the phone.


Mail to:
Leo Card Services
601 N. Congress Ave. Suite 429
Delray Beach. FL 33445


Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your card with terms and conditions and fee structure. Call us for details.

Types of Cards

Leo Card Services (LCS) GPR cards are a complete bank account alternative providing your employees/customers a safe and easy way to manage their money. Displaying leading edge banking features such as mobile check deposits, mobile banking, and savings features; an LCS card can be tailored to include the features necessary to make your program stand out. Our GPR cards can be used to make purchases on the internet, to retrieve cash from ATM’s, to pay for travel, hotels and car rentals, to buy groceries and gas, and much more. With convenient access to account information by phone, SMS text messaging, the mobile web, and the internet; balances, transaction history and account management are easily accessed through our customizable web portal.


Leo Card Services (LCS) provides employers with a convenient, low-cost alternative to payroll checks while giving employees all the convenience and security of a GPR card. The average cost of cutting a check per employee, per occurrence, is about $4. Loading an LCS payroll card is free.  The onetime cost of the card is approximately the same cost as cutting one check, one time. Since the cards are freely reloaded each pay period there is no additional cost to using the GPR card for subsequent payroll payouts. You, the employer, save money, and the employee saves check cashing charges, time waiting in line to do so, and having to worry about running around with a lot of cash on them. It’s a win/win situation for both the employer and employee.


Schools, Charities, Faith-based, and other non-profit entities can utilize customizable Leo cards to raise money for their respective organizations on an ongoing basis. By getting their members to use their “branded” GPR card on a continual basis, a percentage of the fees, etc., would be returned to the organization monthly creating a steady fundraising effort. A safe, easy, and effective way to fund your favorite charity, church, temple, or cause.


Gift cards are as popular as ever. They feature flexible program designs and web-based funding options that provide a great alternative to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations or other giftable events. It is also a great way to advertise your own business or to offer as a reward incentive for continued patronage of your business.


Leo Card Services (LCS) virtual prepaid cards are ideal for providing customers/employees with instant access to funds and the ability to shop on line or by phone. They can be used for real time account issuance or for incentive rewards. A prepaid Mastercard account is electronically delivered rather than being printed on a plastic card. However, a virtual card can be coupled with a traditional plastic card for further convenience.